My Earrings : Steve McQueen & Charles Bronson (The Cooler King and The Tunnel King)

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(excuse the terrible photo of my right ear, but this story requires at least one illustration.)

This morning I woke up and the silver ball of my silver-ball-studs had managed to wedge itself into the hole of my silver tunnel. Said Ball and Said Tunnel are pictured above.
And by wedge I mean that it was STUCK.
Try as I might, I could not pull it out of there – and neither could Craig.

So at 6:35 this morning Craig and I were to be found standing in the doorway to our kitchen, Craig with both of his giant hands on my tiny ear, and me with one hand on his chest, and one hand around his right wrist, squinting and squeaking and squeezing his wrist.
I was squeaking not only because it’s in my nature, or because it kind of hurt but because I was terrified that his giant hands would literally tear my tiny ear apart.
And the thought of that is pretty terrifying, you have to give me that at least.

I ended up using my much smaller fingers to take the backs off both earrings and manoeuver them both out of my ear at the same time (eek!) and at the exact moment they were freed they fell apart as though making a break for freedom.
I couldn’t let two inanimate objects get the better of me (again) though so I caught them and put them right back.