Hypochondria Hour!

There is a stabbing stabbing pain in my hand, running right down my weddingring finger all the way to about an inch above my wrist.
Every so often it feels like my finger is vibrating with the pain.

I think it might be being exacerbated by the fact that I keep my little finger flung into the air while I type, jerking my weddingring finger down when I need to use the shift key. Creating what I kindly call my typing claw.


If I ball my left hand into a fist it goes away.

I think work really is breaking my hands.
Which totally sucks because I like my unusually small hands!
And really, I find them quite useful.

(ok seriously, in order to counteract the claw I’ve been trying to hit shift with my littlest finger and it’s working.)
(Hi Mum! you can stop worrying now)


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