I love Wellington in the Springtime

Actually I hate springtime in Wellington. You have to pay attention to the little people telling you about the weather and then not trust them at all.
They get it right about 50% of the time though, breeding a misguided sense of trust.

On Monday night the weather man I have a little crush on told us that there would be rain all over the north island on Tuesday. He was standing in front of what should have been an image of the north island but was a grey sea indicating rain.
Rain everywhere.

So I got out my rain coat on Tuesday morning in preparation for a slightly damp walk to work. I looked out the door at the rain bouncing the puddles and thought it can’t be THAT bad. It’s spring! and set out.

The first thing I did when I got to work was to go into the bathroom, take off my pants and wring the water out of them. Not a single thing I was wearing was completely dry. My faded black cowboy boots were so sodden that they almost appeared brand new!
I was at work at 7am and by 3:30pm … I was still damp in places.

And as such I trusted the weather man when he told me that Wednesday would consist of rain showers in the morning fading to a dingy grey sky in the afternoon.

Instead I spent most of today lying in my backyard, basking in the sunlight and listening to the tui that live in our trees call out all day. Making good use of their two voice boxes. Crazy, noisy birds.

Of course I realised that the tui (Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae) is a bird endemic to New Zealand and not everyone knows their strange strange call.
SO I recorded it for you! The tui burbles away and then another, more generic bird butts in and I tell it to shush in my annoying girly kiwi baby voice.



  1. Heather · January 5, 2007

    They get it right about 50% of the time though, breeding a misguided sense of trust.FWIW, that actually makes the forecast 100% unreliable – whether to believe the forecast or not is the flip of a coin. It’d be more helpful if they got it wrong every time because at least you’d know what the weather wasn’t going to be like – 0% accuracy, 100% reliability.

  2. Heather · January 5, 2007

    ..oh, strange – I just noticed the date on this entry. It only just came up in bloglines now.. sorry…as you were…

  3. Sarah-Rose · January 5, 2007

    That’s cool. I liked the comments.

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