Nothing’s going to change my world … In which Sarah is rambling and barely coherent.

Dear Fridge,
Today I am feeling a little resentful towards you. I had cherries! a large bag of ripe ripe ripe (and well priced) cherries that I was so looking forward to eating today and you HID THEM FROM ME. Fruit does not go in the Vegetable drawer!
And you knew I was planning on making pizza tonight and yet you did not remind me to take the tomato paste out of the freezer. Now I’ll have to do that when I get home. Sadface.
I think this may all be because I put new things in you yesterday. New things like Capsicum and Mushrooms and Black Olives (not new but still a little foreign). But uh … tough? it’s my food. And you are not really anthropomorphic.
Love you Ice box!!!

One year ago today I had received my first wedding present, Craig’s parents were on their way down, I found earrings for my mother and got our wedding rings engraved.

I love that our rings are so different but so alike.
They differ in size, materials, and style but both not-gold but a silvery-grey colour, (his titanium, mine white gold) both have a middle-ring feature, (his shiny-matte-shiny and mind gold-diamond-gold) and the size difference? it’s pretty much indicative of his 6’2″ vs my 5’1.25″ stature. My thumb is smaller than his pinky.

Now I’m mad at myself for getting teary-eyed at the symbolism of our wedding rings.

Have I mentioned that I’ve been really really happy recently?
(My heart feels swollen)
Even though yesterday when Craig went to pay for our Flights & IYTC card & Travel Insurance he found out that Surprise! it costs $400 extra. And that Surprise! his eftpos card only lets him use it for transactions up to $2000 in any one day. Not that anyone told us that.
So they are half paid for and he must return again today.

But things keep happening like this:
We need passport photos for the IYTC card. I had some taken when I got my new (huh fancy that) passport. 4 taken and 2 sent away, which meant that 2 were sitting around my house but Could I find them? No.
I looked yesterday, a LOT. But they eluded me. I’d given up when this morning Craig comes into the lounge and sys Oh did you find those passport photos? and at the very moment I am saying No, sorry baby my eyes fall on the tiny green corner of shiny paper sticking out of the bookcase and I know, just know that it is the passport photos.
Almost serendipitous.


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