like the jaws theme only sadder and as performed by Sarah’s Inner Voice

Oh please oh please don’t hang about inside my head too long, you’ll start to notice the faint sobbing that underscores most of my thoughts right now.
Don’t worry, it’s not terrified or melancholy, just the faint human-violin whine of so many things to do, so many things to get rid of, so many things to buy.

You may know that it’s coming up to the point where Craig and I are giving up our little flat and moving back in with my parents. We organised our insurance before we booked our tickets and the month delay caught up with us. So we will live in a very green, very little box room for a month before we leave Wellington. And everything that we are taking to London will live with us for that month before we leave.

This means we have to live out of packs for a month.
When I think about it too hard I hear a sort of keening in my head, like the jaws theme only sadder and as performed by Sarah’s Inner Voice.
Granted the pack is over half as tall as I am, and pretty much as wide. But still, I have to pack a whole wardrobe in there!

I have had to … streamline my wardrobe. No longer do I have 4 pairs of jeans, or 6 jackets of which precisely none are entirely waterproof.

To make it worse we are visiting most disparate climates. New Zealand is cooling (seeping) into the dank moist depths of Autumn (sodden fallen leaves), Australia is likely to be chilly in Melbourne but still warm in the middle-of-nowhere town in New South Wales we are visiting (described in terms of Where it’s near. Only noone’s heard of those places either), then Bangkok will be just easing out of the hottest part of the year (and I may just melt) and finally we arrive in London for Summer.
I don’t half make it difficult for myself. But in the immortal words of Rory Gilmore Packing for all contingencies. Got it. Light layers.

In my desperation for streamlining I also have tried to make sure that most things will go with most other things. This has lead to a wardrobe of Black, White and Grey. I like to think of it as Monochromanticism but really? it’s just a little drab. Even though I love Grey, and look great in White (oh the irony) and well, Black is just Black (♥) I still find myself despairing. And so, in a fit of pique last night I lashed out and bought a purple shirt. It is knit with princess sleeves and a teeny tiny knit pattern. And buttons! wow it sounds weird. But it’s Aubergine and beautiful.

And now, having completely turned my mood around I will leave you with yet another table :

Days to go
Moving out 4 days
Finishing work 17 days
Leaving Wellington 34 days
Leaving New Zealand 41 days
Arriving Bangkok 55 days
Arriving London 74 days

It’s all happening. It’s all happening.


Two reviewers saw it and loved it. You missed out.

If you couldn’t make it to the Butterfly Creek Theatre Troupe Bard in the Yard production for 2007 then really, you missed out.

We had amazing audiences. On the last night it ended up being standing room only and the two reviewers who attended (and wrote about it) were very praising.

Here is a little video I recorded at our final dress rehearsal.
It is the “Bergomask dance” performed by the Mechanicals in the final act. And very very funny. Not least because I got to see the father of a dear friend of mine wearing tights. And now you all can too.

This weekend our troupe is going to take Stratford (Taranaki, not upon-Avon) by storm and when we get back I really have to get my head out of the sand and get started on this whole moving out business.