Happy Easter, Baby! (Giant Head)


A drawing of me-as-a-baby with an easter bunny.

It was a present, given to my mother by a student of hers when I was still that small.
She (the student) then recognised me when I was 7 and again at 9, nice to know my face matured from that of a two-year-old.

p.s. I swear, I am smiling in that photo.
p.p.s. I still don’t celebrate easter (zombie jesus!) but I enjoy the drawing.


One comment

  1. Tasj · April 19, 2007

    hey sarah-rose, hehe that’s such a cute picture! awww.wanted to wish you good luck for your travels, have you got jobs organised over there? I hope it all goes well, and you don’t get too homesick like i did (what a wuss!)hehex love tasj

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