Sometimes? Somethings are Clichés for a reason.

I really really wish I had another way to phrase my outlook on life at the moment. But the annoying, vapid cliché keeps coming back and tapping me on the shoulder (Hi! I may be annoying but I make an irritating amount of sense … c’mon …) and I end up saying that at the moment I am very much in the mindset of :

Feel the fear …


And do it anyway


(Please note that I am not aiming wildly into the air. It’s called recoil damnit!)

It is annoying and clingy and I cannot get rid of it.
But while I am very scared about moving away (did you know? when I moved out home I moved just a 10 minute walk away?) for an extended holiday, that I need to pretend that I am not scared and just DO IT ANYWAY. Because it will be so enormously worth it.

Auckland Railway Station

Auckland Railway Station

(It already kind of is.)

The Vector Arena

Thankfully I am going away with a man who looks like a puppy:

So Excited!

I get to shoot a gun! A gun, baby! A Gun!

And who has little fear.

Pop! pop pop pop pop pop pop p- Oo I’m out.

But who gives me the courange to shoot a gun.

Auckland Pistol Club

I really hope the gunshot residue (smells like fireworks!) is gone by Monday. Otherwise travelling might become very interesting …



  1. Charlotte · May 5, 2007

    Guns – very cool =)

  2. Tasj · May 17, 2007

    Hi Sarah!Oh man, I can’t see your photos! and I really want to, because they are of NZ and i miss NZ too!!! xoxo

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