My tube was delayed …

My tube was delayed ....

They don’t exactly mince words around here.


Nelsons Column with Helicopter and Plane

(you may need to click and enlarge it, but that’s Nelson’s Column with a helicopter and a plane!)


Falling in Love, One Cobblestone Street at a time.

Today I got charmed into buying a watch. Charmed by London.
I was passing an old victorian shop with antique rings in the window and a “& Sons” name when I saw my tiny slip of a thing watch.
It cost enough for me to say “Oo I better start earning pounds” (which was not that much, seriously. Only when you convert it. Then it’s almost $300.) but it is perfect. And powered by the light!
I have a magical watch.

My Magic Watch

Today I made sure I could find where my job interview is going to be on Wednesday.
I had been told to go to Whitehall and halfway down look for the entrance with the Soldiers on Horseback outside.
Statues, I thought to myself, of Soldiers on Horseback. Right, must look for the statues.

Soldier on Horse

Not so much statues!
Real soldiers on real horses standing on the side of the street.
I love London.

Changing of the guards

I also inadvertantly saw the changing of the guards, found a museum by just wandering the streets and felt chic in my black-rim glasses, bright red pashmina and black umbrella, looking through the rain spattered windows of Mont Blanc and Gucci.

Cleopatra's Needle and Plane

p.s. I think I might need to start a thing. Monuments and Planes.

St Pauls and the Plane

Believe me when I say: I took more than 1000 photos!

Craig and I have now been safe and sound in London for one week, two days and seven hours.
I have tried and tried to get the photos edited and online but seriously … I took over a THOUSAND. I’ve only just finished uploading the Australian photos and there are three hundred and eighty of them!
And I’m in LONDON. I don’t want to coop myself up just to get them all done. You’re lucky enough that the rain has delayed me today enough to say screw uploading them all in order and just threw some of my favourites online which I will share with you now.

Darling Husband

(Sadly the street is named after a politician, not the superhero)

The Royal Exhibition Hall

The Royal Exhibition Hall reflected in the modern façade of the Melbourne Museum.
Can you spot Craig?

Beach Huts

Colourful huts along Brighton Beach, Melbourne.

Riding the Quadbike behind Craig in Thuddungra

He always drove at a very sensible speed.


Kaz, who enjoyed covering me with mud.


Sections of a Sphere. And me.



Elephant Statue

In Bangkok we walked until we thought we would drown. It was always over 30 (even when we arrived at 11pm) and the humidity was intense.
We were almost scammed and got lost once. We also found our way around and took boats and tuktuks and the skytrain.
We almost sold our souls for airconditioning.

It was beautiful and awe inspiring. Spiritual and friendly. It was dirty and smelly and full of people selling things.
We didn’t get anything stolen from us and a stranger helped us cross the road.
I loved it and I hated it.

Wat Pho

The Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho) brought tears to my eyes. He is beautiful and bigger than you could ever imagine.
He is 46m long and 15m high. But you really can’t imagine just how tiny you feel staring up at his beatific face with gold just … everywhere.

Craig at the Train Station


We didn’t ride elephants but we fed monkeys and snorkelled with tropical fish.
The monkeys are eerily like tiny humans. You feed them bananas but you can hold out a banana skin in the shape of a full banana and they will just look at you like “Uh yea? That’s just the skin. We don’t Eat that. Crazy humans”

Tropical Fish over Coral

Turns out, fish BITE. See the little yellow and black ones? they’re called Tiger Fish. And I got bitten twice. Little fuckers hurt too, but they don’t leave a mark.
We were snorkelling and the people who stayed on the boat would throw in piece of bread and the fish would just swarm. And apparently I look like bread.


Craig and I both got stung by jellyfish. We’d only been in the water about 10 minutes when it happened! definitely unfair.
Craig got stung on his knee, I got stung on my left ankle, the back of my left thigh and the one pictured, by far the biggest, it wraps three quarters of the way around my thigh. And it hurt. A lot. But now I can say I’ve been stung by a jellyfish!

Craig and a Butterfly!

We went to an Insect and Butterfly farm in the Cameron Highlands.

Me and a Turtle!

I don’t exactly know why they had a turtle there. But I held the angry squirmy thing.


Petronas Towers

In Kuala Lumpur we went to see the Petronas Towers at night.
We’d never seen them before and we walked out to the viewpoint with our eyes firmly fixed on the ground just in front of our feet then turned and they were amazing!
They are so much brighter and whiter than the photo allows. It was raining too hard to attempt a no-flash picture.

Proof that I carried my bag(s). Proof they were really huge (17.4kg on my back alone) and an indication that they were rather cumbersome. With them on I am filling the doorway.
I think I’m shorter now.

Finger Building, Singapore

St Pauls and the Plane

A plane above St. Paul’s Cathedral. I love this shot as it gives some indication of just how immense the Cathedral really is.
One day we will walk up to the dome. One day.

Squirrel! in Hyde Park

Look Mum! A Squirrel! in Hyde Park!


I’m sorry, it may be hot and crowded, and you miss out on seeing a lot of London but I still Love the underground. I love my oyster card, I love being able to get a seat and I love emerging from the stations to have say, Big Ben smack me in the face.

Dai Elephant

Dali Universe! I am so excited!

Ol' What's his name 13thJune

Big Ben – seen through the gate to the Houses of Parliament.

The Great Court

The Great Court inside the British Museum.


Britannia on her fountain outside Buckingham Palace.

p.s. the trip was amazing. More difficult and rewarding than I ever thought it would be. We got lost and found again, stung and bitten, sweltered and froze. And at the end of it all? we get to be in London.
And planning a trip home to share stories in person.

p.p.s. remind me to tell you the story about how I almost saw the Queen.