Sometimes? Sometimes you can’t think of a title.

A somewhat goofy looking Dinosaur in the Melbourne Museum.
I think I love him!

He is now my favourite. Seeing as how Brontosaurus (Brontosauruses? Brontosaurii? or IS Brontosaurus the plural already? of Brontosaur? My head hurts) NEVER ACTUALLY EXISTED?? because they were my all time favourite before.

P.s. No I don’t know what kind of dinosaur it really is. Probably less goofy with flesh and skin.

P.p.s. This means I’m finally going through all 1100 of our Trip photos and writing about them. But I’m only on Melbourne so don’t hold your breath.

P.p.p.s The delay means a lot of the descriptions may be “This … appears to be … a building … of some description … in Thailand. I know that because of the date!


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