In the Tate, it came to me …

I find myself doing what I dreamed of so so long ago (it seems), sitting in a quietly murmuring gallery, scribbling away in a notebook, surrounded by the contained, constrained riches of the world.

It only took two days but I finally found the Tate Britain …

I took an orange!

There was an installation by Roelof Louw called Pyramid (Soul City).
It was a pyramid of 5800 oranges! and each visitor was invited to take an orange and eat it (outside of the gallery), but as mine came from basically the bottom layer of 5800 oranges, it wasn’t so much able to be eaten as … practically dissolving.

But I did still enjoy it. Little orangeface.



  1. desiree · July 21, 2007

    the tate sounds wonderful

  2. Tasj · July 21, 2007

    PLEASE sarah-rose, tell me what type of camera you have! it’s terrific. My digital camera is soooo out of date it’s actually embarrasing.That dinosaur is so cute! hehe.xx natasja

  3. Sarah-Rose & Craig · July 21, 2007

    Yes, the tate is wonderful!And Tasj, I use a sony cybeshot dsc-p200 & I lovelovelove it.I’m thinking of getting a more professional camera towards the end of year but this one is a great point&shoot camera.

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