From "Misery Patch" to "Britannia" & everything in between!

Misery Patch

I finally finally finally have all our trip photos uploaded and online!
There are One Thousand and Thirty Nine of them.

Luckily for you (ha) I gave into my ocd-tendencies and have sorted them into sets according to city, and then region.
And all of those sets are gouped into a collection here:

It's all tiled

Or you can see them all in a big mess o’ photos here :
1,039 Photos




  1. Ruby Knuckles · July 26, 2007

    i saw you on Gala!!

  2. SuperGlobalHyperMeganet · August 3, 2007

    i have that very same misery patch! i’ve had it over 2 years and still haven’t found anything worthy of stitching it onto 😛

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