We have a place to live! we need another. ASAP.

Everyone’s so happy that we finally got a flat but I have to say that it is HELLISH and we’re looking for a new place already.

8 people in a flat? too many. We moved in on Wednesday and it was nice. The people were friendly and welcoming. I noticed a funny smell in our room and the bathroom but put it down to settling in problems …

Then Saturday night and Sunday morning came around.
I was already feeling a little wary because the girls (house music & cocaine girls) make me feel bad about myself, the room smelled stuffy & felt stiflingly hot even if the window was open as far as it would go & I’d forgotten my pashmina & had to run back up 3 flights of stairs to grab it. But I thought that was all teething problems.
Sitting around before we’re meant to be going out one of the flatmates mentions that she’s put a lock on her bedroom door. Apparently she has had drunk people walking into her room in the middle of the night. Drunken friends of flatmates. Not cool.
But Craig & I went out to the movies & dinner and had a mini fight on the way home (he wanted to go home and I wanted to go to a bar for a bit. We went home) but when we got there? the front door was WIDE OPEN.
And the person who (thankfully) was home? didn’t even look up to see who it was wandering through the front door (not so thankfully).

We decided that the next day we would make a pro/con list to see if we wanted to look for a new place or stay here for awhile.

We were up until just after midnight but after we went to bed, and sleep, some of the flatmates came home. Drunk. With friends. We think. They ran up and down the stairs, screaming and yelling (every so often they would Ssh but then 2 minutes later …) and even using an electric fucking drill. It was still dark so I guess at about 2am it started and they were still going just as it hit dawn. 5am.
Craig slept through most of it but I was awake & horrified. And in that too-asleep to move too-awake to sleep stage. I fell asleep at 5 and then at fucking 7 am on a SUNDAY MORNING one of the girls was screaming at one of the guys for one reason or another and it was too too much.
Craig was awake by now so I just looked over at him and said “Well, guess we don’t have to make that list anymore” and thank everything, he agreed.

It may have just been that one night but their whole behaviour pattern is indicative of a lack of respect for people and property.
It may be that we’re over-reacting. It may be just settling-in issues.

Sadly, they’re fun, nice people.
But it’s kind of like how I had 2 groups of friends, one great only for going out to bars and drinking and dancing, and one that is good for the bars and drinking and dancing but also sitting around and watching bad tv and bitching over wine. And I know which group I want to live with.

If we had done the Pro/Con list? it would have looked like this:

Pro : entire fridge (but we don’t need that much space, really).

Cons : Barely any freezer space.
Worst shower EVER. Worse than we saw travelling around Asia.
2 bathrooms but even the better one is crappy.
Smelly room.
Only a tiny portion of the window in our room opens, room gets very hot.
3rd storey so if you forget anything … lots of stairs.
Outside of house ugly, inside dark.
Not the best area, too far from tube.
Have to cross an un-mowed park of a park to get the path to cross the park to get to bus.
Flatmates are inconsiderate. Sometimes.
Danger of drunk people walking in to room.
Front door left wide open.
I don’t feel like we or our property is safe there.
£50 per month (per person) for bills but they don’t have internet, telephone or pay tv (well, at the moment. Apparently tv and phone are being connected soon).
Barely any plates/bowls/cutlery let alone oven trays.
Too many people. Too many people for my moody little head.

And that is just too too many cons for that one poor little pro.



  1. Kat · July 31, 2007

    Sounds like getting out is a good idea and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you and hey, doing all my positive thinking and visualising (ha ha ha :)Anyhoo, I know which friend group from this post I am in! hee. I rule. Mostly.

  2. SuperGlobalHyperMeganet · August 1, 2007

    SARAH-ROSE! i finally got a blogger, yay…sick of stinky myspace. Anyway, I don’t really know how to use it or anything!x from tasj

  3. Sarah-Rose & Craig · August 1, 2007

    Hey Tasj,Glad to hear you got a blogger account. I thought (from the display name) it was going to be another spam comment!and Kat, yes, you DO rule!

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