To add insult to injury …

We got egged!

We got Egged!

I’m half mad-as-hell and half impressed because in some improbable act of … physics or something, the egg made it through the top 1/4 of our window (all that opens in the flat-from-hell) which is on the third storey, and it made it all the way down the other side to break on the windowsill.
Craig and I didn’t even notice until the next morning when it had baked in the sun.

AND! there were no other eggs in sight from outside the flat so someone must be a crazy good shot.

This is such a nice neighbourhood. I will be sad to leave it.

p.s. that is our cute new reversible bed spread from Ikea. I’m in love with it.


One comment

  1. SuperGlobalHyperMeganet · August 14, 2007

    haha! that is sooo weird.. they must have climbed up and pushed the egg thru the window or something?isn’t ikea the best?!good luck leaving the ‘fun’ neighbourhood! xx

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