Blood is thicker than … well, many things Actually!

New Funeral Home

Instead of photos of the cats or my sisters or cousins or anything, my family sends me photos of the new funeral home that has opened up near our familial home.
Because they know I’ll actually, seriously, can’t-wait-to-see-it-myself, be interested.

And I am. Ghoulishly, but I can’t help it! and they know that. And love me anyway.


The clock had been going well, but he picked it up and broke it.

Gappy McGapperson

I do have other photos to post. But the internet hates me.

I do however love it when it seems like my spam has been written by a poet :

Peachy looked up into Teatime’s face. But thou maist lend it me to
sport with all.
He had been dreaming, and bits of those dreams still tumbled together
with memories in his head. The trail forked and he paused, stark
still for a moment, listening, thinking.
It had been here that she and Egwene and Elay.
The steadily increasing gravitational pull made a reduction in speed
necessary, both because of increasing weight in the ship and an
apparent accumulation of solid matter in the ship’s path.
The religion by which you rule is very ancient, goddess, but my
protest is also that of a venerable tradition.
Other people make copies, all with Starbucks cups, sipping. Due to
the volume of mail received we are not able to individually respond
to each report.
Every nerve in his body screamed that he should kill these two
failures before him, vent his fury upon their miserable lives. After
what seemed a long time, the door opened a crack.
Suddenly a large map hung in the air to one side, with a glowing red
dot at one end labeled “Cairhien” in large letters and another as
“Salidar” at the other. It is cold and quiet outside and the horizon
is infinity.

A Most Disturbing Package …

Dear Glasses-Website,
Might I suggest that the best way to thank someone for making a purchase through your website is not a wide wide staring squishy eyeball candy.
That’s less oh hey, thanks! and more Oh Sweet Jesus What Is That??.
It is also kind of awesome!*


However, Thank you for my glasses. I now have an option for when I’m not feeling so emo.

Emo GlassesEmo Glasses

New Glasses (detail)

Red red GlassesRedred Glasses!


p.s. Sarah’s super secret s … project (blast) is back underway!

P.p.s. Oh! Oh no. I’ve just noticed that according to the indredients the eyeball contains Strawberry Flavouring. Which indicates the presence of something red.
And you have to bite before swallowing.
I’m officially terrified.

Terrifying Eye Candy

* But then I enjoy both bad puns (glasses = eye candy) and pretending I’ve received a package from a serial killer.


Our New ‘Hood


Transpontine (trans-PON-tyn) adjective

1. Across the bridge.

2. Situated on the south side of the Thames River in London.

3. Melodramatic (alluding to the type of dramas once performed
in theaters south of the Thames).

[From Latin trans- (across) + pont (bridge). Ultimately from the
Indo-European root pent- (to tread) that also gave us words such as
English find, Dutch pad (path), French pont (bridge), and Russian
sputnik (traveling companion).]

As of last night Craig and I are officially transpontine.
I’m not going to shout my address to the world-wide-web but the above is a satellite image of our neighbouhood. We are on there somewhere. The green arrow indicates the Tate Modern, the circle just to the right (underneath the words “Bankside Jetty”) is the Globe Theatre and the whiteline across the Thames is the Millennium Bridge, which leads up to St Paul’s Cathedral at the toptoptop of the image.

And that’s the way I walked to work this morning! The sun was out and it was absolutely beautiful.