Our New ‘Hood


Transpontine (trans-PON-tyn) adjective

1. Across the bridge.

2. Situated on the south side of the Thames River in London.

3. Melodramatic (alluding to the type of dramas once performed
in theaters south of the Thames).

[From Latin trans- (across) + pont (bridge). Ultimately from the
Indo-European root pent- (to tread) that also gave us words such as
English find, Dutch pad (path), French pont (bridge), and Russian
sputnik (traveling companion).]

As of last night Craig and I are officially transpontine.
I’m not going to shout my address to the world-wide-web but the above is a satellite image of our neighbouhood. We are on there somewhere. The green arrow indicates the Tate Modern, the circle just to the right (underneath the words “Bankside Jetty”) is the Globe Theatre and the whiteline across the Thames is the Millennium Bridge, which leads up to St Paul’s Cathedral at the toptoptop of the image.

And that’s the way I walked to work this morning! The sun was out and it was absolutely beautiful.


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