‘The Tart With The Cart’, ‘The Dish With The Fish’ and ‘The Trollop With The Scallops’

Our third morning in Dublin dawned as sunny as those prior.
I sat by my bag bemoaning my lack of temperate clothes (a jacket and 4 jerseys? useless. 2 spring weight tops? already worn. damnitall) while Craig looked at the map. And realised that (surprise!) we’d been walking the long way into the centre of Dublin so far.

Harcourt Street.

Harcourt Street.

on Harcourt Street

on Grafton Street

Grafton Street.

Outside Trinity College




Mr O'Connell

They decided against "The Ring of Death house"

They decided against “The Ring of Death House” and “The Ring of Infidelity House”

A ... Saint. Probably Patrick

A … Saint. Probably Patrick.

Street artist

(don’t worry. We gave him euros as well)

Molly Malone!

She died of a fever, and no one could save her,
And that was the end of sweet Molly Malone,
Now her ghost wheels her barrow, though the streets broad and narrow,
crying “cockles and mussells, alive, alive-o

My mother used to sing this to me at night when I was a child and trying to get to sleep. A ghost story.
She sang a ghost story to me every night and now marvels at how morbid I am.

Pond in St Stephen's Green

Yeats Statue

I fail to see the resemblence.

The dear countess

Slightly Gandhi-ish

Joyce Plinth

Crossing Stephens, that is my green

We sat in St Stephen’s Green for quite some time. Watching about 1/3 of Dublin who were also there, walking and sitting in the verdure while the leaves changed colour around us.


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