… Hoping to be officially Irish by association.

Our last day in Dublin, we trekked down to Dublin Castle.
A friendly little Irish man took us on a tour around the official rooms.


Lady Liberty looks in on the Castle, the houses of parliament, and not out on the people of Dublin. They find that apt and amusing.

They shot him while he was strapped to a chair.

They had to strap him to a chair, but they still executed him.

Hallway in Dublin Castle

Chandeliers in Dublin Castle

It Used to have Large Lion Feet.

It used to have large lions feet. but it was too tall for Queen Victoria so they cut them off and added a footstool!

Inside Dublin Castle

The ancient river Poddle.

All that remains of the ancient river poddle.

Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle

Reflected Clouds

Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle

Christ Church Cathedral


Christ Church Cathedral


Ornate hinge on Christ Church Cathedral

Containing the heart of a Saint.

(Containing the heart of a Saint)

Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral

Did you know that Handel’s Messiah was first performed in Dublin?
Neither did I.

13th April 1742

13th April 1742

Inside St Patrick's Cathedral

inside St Patrick's Cathedral

The Preist and the Technician

He came out shortly after a fire alarm saying “only a small fire. Nothing to worry about”. Eep.

In the Garden

My first photo as a 24-year old.


In London they have bird-spikes all over everything.

Poor broken bag

Poor sweet soldier bag. It started to split!

Giant Jesus statue

Giant Jesus statue.
Seriously, that thing was MY HEIGHT. Which, admittedly, isn’t all that tall. But for an ornamental Jesus statue? pretty tall.

George Bernard Shaw's Birthplace

I had to run to the bus because I decided to find this little plaque.
But his blue door made me happy.

I’m sure it was the same colour back then. DON’T RUIN MY ILLUSION.

St Patrick's Cathedral

Craig on the bus

My poor broken bag. My poor blurry husband.

It took 6 hours travel to get home. Bus, plane, train and bus. But Ireland was lovely.

Next time I really want to visit for a couple of weeks, rent a car and travel around.
Pretty purple-heathered Ireland.


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