Temptation? Thy name is Brownie.

This morning Craig and I added boots and socks and big jackets to our outfits and trekked down to the Borough Market.
I cannot express just how much I love walking, hand in hand with Craig, along the Thames on a cool crisp morning. Especially if I have a Gingerbread Latte in my free hand.

The market is always crowded.
Possibly this is because we cannot seem to get there earlier than 10:30am.

One of my favourite places to take note of is the exotic-meat stall. It’s tucked around a corner and I always peer into their fridge. Today they were selling crocodile, springbok, bison, and Zebra.
Next week we’re going to the market again. I will try and get a photo of this!

We pick up lunch to eat in the grounds of Southwark Cathedral. Craig had his usual roast-meat-baguette but I went for a venison burger.

Today we also picked up a loaf of sea-salt encrusted olive oil and rosemary bread, and two insanely rich chocolate brownies.
They’re sitting on the table in front of me now, taunting me. Craig is out at the supermarket and I told myself I wouldn’t touch them until he got home …


I havehavehave to take my mind off this. I’m going to the Globe!


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