The lock of love … is in your eyes …

Water on the Millennium Bridge

In early August I came across a news story about the Ponte Milvio in Rome.
Apparently, spurred on by a best-selling book then a movie, lovers were writing their names on padlocks, chaining them to a lamp post and discarding the keys into into the wine-dark Tiber below.

The oldold bridge was being weighed down by thousands and thousands of locks. Lamps were crumbling under the weight and nothing could be done, lest the officials in Italy be seen as anti-love. And one could not have that.
Finally the officials placed six steel posts on the banks of the Tiber, and provided chains for the purpose.

A few weeks after the article was in the papers, I noticed padlocks appearing on the Millennium bridge.
They lasted quite a while. But they aren’t there now.

Locks of Love

Millennium Bridge declaration

Our Love is Infinite!

Our Love is Infinite.


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