Oh that’s right! I have some not-too-exciting news!

The other night, Craig reminded me of some not-so-exciting news that I have. Adorable man, sharing my tiny internet victories like they’re actually news.

Schmap.com (dynamic, integrated travel guides!) chose 4 of my photos for their online travel guides. 2 for Melbourne and 2 for Auckland.

I’m not just being annoying and self-deprecating. I would be much much more excited if they’d chosen photos that I actually liked. (Just kidding photos, LOVE YOU!) Rather, there are other photos of mine that I prefer.

Plus, the excitement has paled. I found out that they were shortlisted over a month ago, and that they were included, maybe a week later.
Mr Procrastination is my best friend.

Prahran and South YarraAuckland Railway Station

Auckland Railway StationPrahran and South Yarra

Who am I kidding? I’m thrilled.


One comment

  1. Kat · December 7, 2007

    I have one in the Montreal one! Just one tho. It’s exciting.

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