Twas the night before FauXmas …

Oh Fauxmas tree, oh fauxmas tree
How plastic are your branches?

Fauxmas Tree

Quite. Very.
Entirely even.

Fauxmas Tree

This year Craig and I are spending Christmas apart.
During our time in New Zealand, I’m spending a little extra time avec ma famille and Craig is spending a little extra avec … sa famille (sa? son? aucune idée. Je pense que c’est “sa”). And sadly, the only time that really made sense was over Christmas.
We’ve done this before! and while I miss his little face so much it hurts, we cope.
The last time we spent christmas apart, we celebrated with our own little christmas just after … the 27th. And it really really wasn’t the same.

So this year!! we are celebrating on the first of December! When everyone is just gearing up for Christmas and not worn out by it all. The lights are still sparkly and trees and icerinks are going up all over the city.
There is a huge christmas tree at the top of St Peter’s hill, infront of St Paul’s. And it is cold. Really really cold. The other night as I was walking to the tube station I saw fresh roasted chestnuts being sold. I mean, come on London, try and be a little charming.

Oh and because I amuse myself altogether too much, I called it fauXmas. Hee.

We have a fauXmas tree and fauXmas presents and we’re going to spend the whole whole day together.
Maybe walk along the Thames, go to the market, maybe go to Hyde Park to see the Winter Wonderland.
Maybe just spend all day in bed.

Fauxmas Tree

p.s. Yesterday was one week until our trip. And today marks the 30th and final day of na-blo-po-mo. And I posted every single day.


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