Christmas at the family … … ranch (?)

This year the run up to christmas has been all about wrapping presents, drinking wine, ever-so-much sun, family decorations, watching Q.i., making Candy Cane Biscotti, and herding runaway caterpillars.

Candy Cane Biscotti

Candy Cane Biscotti


Traditional Decoration

Our tree is a family history of christmases.
Ever so old baubles made by my grandma using sequins and polystyrene balls. And a crochet angel from which the starch has disappeared.

Sleeping angel decoration

She now appears to be sleeping. Yawning. Not exactly caroling.

2007 Decorations:

Jayne's decoration

Charlotte's decoration

Christmas tree decorations

My decoration

My decoration

Rogue Caterpillars!

Runaway Caterpillar

Rogue caterpillar

Runaway Caterpillar

And scary scary decorations in the mall.
Well, mainly just the one extra scary decoration:

SUPER creepy decoration

It’s all I see when I close my eyes!

Pretty rose

Pretty rose

Rose Closeup

(much better)

This morning my sisters and I all got up at different times and didn’t really see each other before leaving the house.
About an hour after we’d been all home together we kind of looked at each other and realised:


We’d all managed to choose some kind white tee shirt and jeans.
Spooky in a not very interesting kind of way.

Creepy decoration



  1. Leah Mac · December 30, 2007

    AN ODE TO DINNER AT THE MULLIGANSI am looking forward to rice(tonight)and playing the banjo.Where is my potato salad?In the fridge.Charlotte, will you please get it?Why, you ask? Because I’m a guest I shouldn’t have to do anything your hospitality leaves a lot to be desired Charlotte I’m cancelling our friendship. And get me a drink while you’re up.By Leah.

  2. Sarah-Rose & Craig · December 30, 2007

    Dear Leah,I love your ode.I do not have cherry sweets for you and I am sad. But you can have a mint humbug.Bah Humbug.Sarah

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