Snippet #2

They were lying at odd angles on the bed. Simon lay supine gazing over at the curve of Claire’s hip as she twisted so only the soles of her feet pressed hot into the hard curl of his knee.
She had stepped from the shower steaming & fell onto the sheets which had spent the day sucking the heat from the room. Her skin & hair twitched as it dried around her.
She was listening to the rain again Simon discovered when he came and curled himself around her.
At nearly a foot taller he almost appeared to subsume her.
She’d answered in the dreaming, distracted voice which meant she was thinking far too much so he just lay, content to be near her as she twisted away from him.
“It’s just too hot.” she said, marvelling at the summer storm.
It was true, even with two windows open & the rain beating dust out of the air beyond, the heat of the day and of her shower stood sentinel in the room.
Claire was also twisted away because she wasn’t certain yet if she was mad at him. The trouble with spending so much time & energy with one person, a truly best friend, meant that even if they made you stiffen all over with anger, there was nobody else you’d rather talk to about it.
Claire rolled the thought lazily around. Her soles didn’t feel stiff so maybe she wasn’t angry after all. She turned over and smiled “hi.”.
“Hi.” Simon replied as he reached out for her.



  1. Kat · February 10, 2008

    Love it 🙂

  2. IAmBecauseILove · February 13, 2008

    awesome work sarah-rose!x

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