I’m in a little bit of shock …

That is probably an understatement. I am in a pile of shock, sitting in a busload of shock, feeling like I’m drowning a little in shock.

Last week (Last week? the week before? … actually, the 15th February) I found out from a friend of mine that the Home Office was changing their rules for application through the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme.
The very same programme Craig and I were excited about, applying for, and kind of counting on.
It was to change so that you can no longer switch in-country from Working Holidaymakers to Highly Skilled Migrant visas. And the change was to occur as of the 29th February. 2008. This year, as in, TWO WEEKS from the date we found out about the change.

I could have sworn that the ground actually disappeared from below me when I found out.

Now Craig & I are trying to get every piece of evidence together that we can. We have to send it off before the 29th February, otherwise we have to head back to New Zealand (Just writing that makes my hands shake & my heart hurt).

We had so many plans. I want to see Paris, and Rome and Florence. I want to see Vienna and Budapest and Reykjavik. And instead we have to save every penny for flights back to New Zealand. Again.

One thing is certain? We are definitely not ready to move back to New Zealand.

There is no way we can get everything organised before the 29th February.
Our new plan (I have to try and control the uncontrollable) is to travel back to New Zealand and apply for the Highly Skilled Migrants Visa. Then jet back to London as quickly as possible. We may even leave marks.



  1. Rajeev · February 20, 2008

    That is sad news. I really hope you guys work something out.

  2. Rajeev · February 20, 2008

    That is sad news. I really hope you guys work something out.

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