A special level of hell?


I bought my super-faux-diamond carrieweston.com earrings in February 2007 (heart you gmail! I rarely ever delete emails) & they arrived in the post in early March. I then proceeded to wear them … a lot. Really, a lot a lot.

The day before Craig and I were due to leave Wellington, moving to London, they broke!
I was already stretched to the point of snapping so all I could think about was getting them fixed, getting them fixed, getting them fixed. I ended up spending money & taking them to a shop in a mall out of our way in order to get them repaired.
We had to pick them up THE DAY that we flew out of New Zealand.

But they were almost as good as new!

On the back of the Quadbike, Thuddungra, NSW

Once we were in London I started wearing other earrings. It wasn’t a hard break up, we just somehow, drifted apart. All the cheap and flashy earrings were hard to resist, being already nickel tested and all (otherwise I have to test them directly. And that makes my ears mad) and I was feeling a little smothered. I wasn’t ready for a long term commitment.
But they were still there. I still loved them! I might have treated them badly but they held a special place in my heart.

Okay. Enough with the anthropomorphising.

Craig and I were back in Wellington in January 2008 (remember that?) and a few days before we left (am I sensing a pattern here?) Charlotte was helping me pack.
She sort of … squeaked. And her voice trembled (not really) as she told me that she’d broken my earrings. With trepidation I looked and there, in her hands, was my poor faux-diamond broken earring.


I emailed Carrie Weston in early January. I emailed two different addresses found on her site.

And I received no response.

I emailed her again in late February. Using the addresses and the enquiry form on the site itself.
I was as officious and horrid as I can be. I ended the email thus:

Please contact me to discuss where we go from here. I am travelling for the next 5 days so I will not have time to have them repaired, and anyway. as they have broken after a repair before, I am loath to do so.

This email was first sent on the 9th of January. I have tried all email addresses on carrieweston.com and to date I have received no response.


Yesterday* I received an email from Carrie. She explained that she is coming to the end of a pregnancy and that it has been difficult to juggle business affairs and preparing for the baby. She offered to send me a replacement pair free of charge (I’m SO EXCITED!).
And now I feel evil for making a heavily pregnant woman feel horrible.

In short? Carrie Weston is not evil. She is lovely and I love her work (I really want her faux-diamond-ring-pendant so I can match!!). Whether I am or not is a different matter …

* Yesterday was the 11th March. It’s still a long time to go without a response. And I’m pretty sure you only get MORE pregnant as the months go on.


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