On a day of mainly downs? This was definitely an up.

After a morning of doom and gloom I decided to check the website for the Canon Shortlist Competition (top 4 win a canon eos 450D!) which I entered a few weeks ago and my photo? is Photo of the Week!!!

My Photo! Photo of the Week!

It cheered me up immensely. I may have done a little dance in my office. But if anyone asks? I did NOT.

So please please PLEASE go to http://www.shortlist.com/canon/gallery.php and vote for my photo! 5 stars!
I mean, if you think it deserves it of course. Love you!

(It seems to be down twice. As Sarah Rose-Burke from Southwalk and as Sarah Rose from Southwark. The Sarah Rose-Burke one has more votes. Let’s go with that one then!


The Tate Modern, it is a-changin’

Tate Modern

They have taken apart the top of the Tate Modern Chimney!
Where there was once a large glass-&-metal square that lit up our bedroom window, there is now just a sad little frame. All left behind.


Craig hopes that they are replacing it with four powerful spotlights shooting up into the sky. Or perhaps an illuminated flame shape.
And while I find the giant-candle idea appealing, I hope for something more streamlined. Perhaps a large white balloon. Also illuminated. In my mind it looks something like a bubble-gun.

There is also a Street Art exhibition opening in the next week. As part of that they have turned the Tate Modern into a giant canvas:

Graffitioed Tate Modern


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Bear Art

My favourite parts?

Favourite Detail

Favourite Detail

Favourite detail

Photos taken on the 18th May.

fingerscrossed fingerscrossed fingerscrossed

All of a sudden it seems to be summer here in London. A welcome visitor for the most part.
The sun is out, sky is blue and the temperature is creeping up into the mid twenties. The omnipresent voice in the underground warns us to carry bottled water as the heat has a solid damp presence on the Tube. An unwanted passenger that induces a cloying smell & rolling beads of sweat. My least favourite thing about London heat. Hate you antHropomorphised heat!

What hits me most with this calefaction (almost. but not quite. I know) is how familiar it is. The weather was like this when we arrived in London (not quite. It rained the first day. But soon after our arrival …) and in only 27 days we will have been in London for one year. At 5:15am exactly.

I am trying to make the most of summer-esque weather. I like to think that London has turned the weather up early this year because it knows that I will be missing a great part of the London Summer. Most of July and all of August.

Craig & I are juggling forms and feelings. Visa plans are in the works but I cannot, will not crow about it until I can post photos of my complete passport.
I am still returning to the familial focus in early July and Craig will be following soon after for an appointment with the embassy. Perhaps. We hope. As long as all goes according to plan. Maybe. Touch wood.

One Year Ago Today …

Craig & I pulled out out of my parents’ driveway and I had my hand pressed against my face. The radio was playing (seriously) an R.E.M. song:

It’s the end of the world as we know it.
It’s the end of the world as we know it.
It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.


Craig just looked at me and changed the station.

Sudden storm, Taupo

As we were leaving Taupo I burst into tears (I was on edge most of the day) and at the same time it started raining.
We could see blue sky out the windows but the rain was super heavy. Craig looked over at me and joked “Maybe it’s you” which made me laugh just-a-little. Shortly afterwards I stopped crying. And the rain? stopped. I seriously control the world. Didn’t you know?

One year ago Craig and I drove from Wellington to Auckland on our way to Australia, Thailand, Singapore, & London.
Today we spoke to the people who employ us and all but begged them to help us stay here. We love our life in London. We love our flat. We miss New Zealand but it’s not the best fit for us at the moment.
Our fingers are so so so crossed.