The Tate Modern, it is a-changin’

Tate Modern

They have taken apart the top of the Tate Modern Chimney!
Where there was once a large glass-&-metal square that lit up our bedroom window, there is now just a sad little frame. All left behind.


Craig hopes that they are replacing it with four powerful spotlights shooting up into the sky. Or perhaps an illuminated flame shape.
And while I find the giant-candle idea appealing, I hope for something more streamlined. Perhaps a large white balloon. Also illuminated. In my mind it looks something like a bubble-gun.

There is also a Street Art exhibition opening in the next week. As part of that they have turned the Tate Modern into a giant canvas:

Graffitioed Tate Modern


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Bear Art

My favourite parts?

Favourite Detail

Favourite Detail

Favourite detail

Photos taken on the 18th May.


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