Baby, what you going to do?

Do you know what I hate? Not being in London. I really hate it.
That’s not to say that I hate being in New Zealand. Because I don’t.
A lot of my favourite people are here.
I’m just not living in a city that gives me butterflies.

Craig and I finally finally made a decision for our future.
Instead of going to Dublin or Canada or Vienna (all of which were seriously considered at one point or another (maybe not so much Vienna. I don’t speak any German (but it does look beautiful!))) we are going to spend some months (8? 9? who knows at this point? Not me!) in New Zealand before applying for brand sparkling new visas which will (fingers crossed!) allow us to spend longer than a year or two back in London.
If we had chosen one of the other countries on our list we would have ended up in the exactly same situation we’re in now, only twelve months down the line!
I don’t think I could do this again!
And I’m so so willing to spend a few months slightly irritated for a longer stretch of our lovely itinerant lifestyle.

I actually feel really positive about this decision (I know! me! positive! crrrrraazy).
So. August in New Zealand, September in London (love!), and from October? Nouvelle Zélande again.


On a completely different note!
I’ve been working as a temporary super-receptionist at a company in Wellington this week. And three out of the four days that I’ve been working there?
I have (accidentally!!) color co-ordinated with the other receptionist.
Yet again my life proves itself completely ridiculous!

The first day? it was cute. The second day? it was funny as other people in the office started to notice. The third day? RIDICULOUS.

Don’t panic! we discussed it today and chose completely different colours to wear tomorrow. Let’s see if it works!


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