Quick Quiz!

Craig is:
A) Dead
B) Bored
C) Really Really Bored
D) All of the above.

Uhh, thankfully Craig is only bored. Today we have to become master procrastinate-rs. Our check out time was midday & our flight from Honolulu to LA is at 10 tonight. AGONY. We have wandered as far as the heat would allow us, and back. We stopped in every second ABC store (general stores with drinks & tacky souvenirs) simply because they had air conditioning. We spent an hour in Starbucks writing postcards & have been parked in our hotel lobby since 5. Our airport shuttle is at 6:45. AGONY.
The 5 hour flight to LA bends time & we arrive at 6am. And then?? Our flight to London leaves at 4:30pm. SO MUCH FUN. Have I mentioned that I LOVE wasting time in airports? Cause I DON'T.
Thank everything that London & my black hole sister will be at the other end. And our darling flatmate is stocking the fridge with M&S hummus for us. Mmmmm.

I might be overreacting a liiiittle about how much I hate waiting around (unlike me, I know), I mean, I'm sure that it's better than being hobbled. Or death. Even though it feels a little like death.
I. Am. Sidetracked.

I'm trying to say that I've loved Hawaii. So much so that floating with Craig in the sea this morning I may have suggested moving here.
More than once. Though, honestly? I couldn't handle the heat. It's fine when you can escape to the sea whenever you like but I can barely function.
I am so glad that I've enjoyed something which was such a Craig thing.
He has surfed & gone brown while I loved snorkelling but wore SPF 70 sunscreen religiously*.
Our hotel could not have been in a better position (Park Shore Waikiki. Love!) at less than a block from the beach. The restaurant on level 2 doesn't have glass in the windows & looks out over the beach.
We sat & watched a pink to purple sunset as we had dinner.
The first night we were here we curled together under the stars & watched Surf's Up on a screen set up on the beach.

Oh and I am deeply in love with my underwater camera. Photos will be posted if we make it to London without dying of bordom.

P.s. Peanut Butter M&Ms make my life a little more complete. Craig, family, cameras, the Oxford Comma, & Peanut Butter M&Ms.

*I still got sunburned. Only I could get burned THROUGH SPF70. I am almost proud of myself. In pain, but proud.



  1. Leah Mac · August 30, 2008

    I can’t wait to see underwater photographs!!! Can you give me tips on how to pass the time in airports – I have an 8 hour layover in Fiji on the way to the US.How do I always end up with the most bizarre travel arrangements?

  2. Sarah-Rose & Craig · August 30, 2008

    Hee. I guess you end up with them the same way Craig and I do?Let’s see … the hours at LAX weren’t too bad. We arrived early morning from an overnight flight and were exhausted so we slept on a bench for 2 hours. Then we wandered to possibly the fatherest possible newsagents to buy a bottle of water and a magazine.Definitely have stuff to read, make sure your ipod etc is charged, have local currency so you can get food if you’re hungry etc, and make sure you’re wearing something you can sit comfortably in!Oh and sitting at the front of the check in queue may be less comfy than a bench but it saves waiting time.

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