In Hawaii we …

Arrived in Hawaii at 10am and at our hotel at midday. The check-in time was 3pm. And our room wasn’t ready. Damn.

Craig waiting for the hotel room

Too warm and exhausted

We had to wander around Waikiki wearing the clothes we’d had on since Auckland and Winter. You may have been able to tell by the photo of me up there. Exhausted and too too hot. I was wearing closed toe shoes!

By the time we got to our hotel room we were basically ready to worship the air conditioning unit. Love You Air Con. But after that we braved the cotton wool air on the balcony to see our “view”.

To the right …

Ick view. To the Right

Ugh. Not nice. And straight across was just as bad.

To the left …

Ocean view! to the Left

Ocean. So exciting.

And so, on our very first afternoon in Hawaii, we walked the less-than-half-a-block to the ocean and Craig rushed off into the water while I sat on the towel and acclimatised. Damn vampiric tendencies.
Craig then rushed back.

Craig's cut


So back to the room it was.

Exhausted and warm

Despite that … Craig and I ended the day by sitting close together on the sand, under a palm tree and the stars, watching Surf’s Up.

Surf's Up on the shore


p.s. This was actually a holiday! Like … slept in and relaxed the whole time holiday. Craig went surfing and I sat under a tree and read. But then we went snorkeling! and I talked to a turtle! (or rather, shrieked at it while I backpedaled because it was really freaking close) and I took photos then.

So tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow I will show you underwater photos and my Ariel hair.
I didn’t wash it the entire time in Hawaii. It dried into salt crusted waves and I loved it. While I was in Hawaii I loved it.




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