In Hawaii we …

Went snorkelling. For three hours. I spent …. the entire time in the water. Because I love snorkelling. And my underwater camera.

However, I DO NOT like it when the people on the boat throw bread (or in this case, Animal Crackers) into the water around the snorkellers (is that a word? today I don’t care) making the fish* swarm. THAT IS TERRIFYING. And is how I got bitten when we were in Thailand. Apparently I am as pale as white bread. But paler than Animal Crackers so while I was terrified this time (swimming curled up like a ball, trying to not touch the fish, is REALLY HARD) I did not get partially eaten.

Ariel Hair

Ariel Hair


Waikiki, pre-7am.


Diamondhead. The Volcano.

Craig and I, pre-snorkelling



Surfboards and Palm trees

Outrigger snorkelling

And here, for Leah’s viewing pleasure, are some underwater photos.


Underwater with Ariel hair Smiling


I turned around in the water jumped about a foot and squealed then without zooming in on my camera at all took this photo:


Have I mentioned that I love turtles? Turtles and squirrels and hedgehogs, oh my.

Turtle diving

Turtle just below the surface

I love underwater cameras

Turtle! Looooove turtles

Stranger and the fish

Craig and the fish*


Sigh. I loved it. It wasn’t quite scuba but it was a third of the price and I was so so close to the turtles. I loved it.
While we were in the water some dolphins came to check us out. I only glimpsed them off in the distance but the noise they made felt like it was coming from inside my head, it was annoying and painful in that ears-popped kind of way. Horrible.

Once we got back on the boat we sailed around for a little bit on our way back to the island. We passed a boat made out of rubbish that had sailed from California to Hawaii.

Rubbish Boat!

It is actually made out of rubbish. The guy waved.

Darling dear and I


On the way back to shore we were joined by a whole pod of dolphins.



The flash of white is a baby dolphin. It was spinning around in the water.

And. I realised that my husband is awesome.


Totally Awesome.

My husband is AWESOME

And hilarious.

Surfers and Diamondhead

*Fish not fishes as I only really saw one type of fish.

Oh and I also have underwater videos! Which is the perfect excuse for me to finally work out how to use something on my macbook other than Photobooth. Herm.


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