In an unrealistic world ….

My 25th Birthday swiftly approacheth.
Thankfully I don’t seem to be too worried. But then, perhaps my “Quarter Life Crisis” is simply being overpowered by my lack-of-London ennui. Or perhaps it’s because I still (STILL!) just feel like I’m playing at being a Grown Up.

Either way, I’m glad with a capital G that for once in my life I’m not freaking out at a so-called Milestone.

In an unrealistic world here is the wishlist I would have handed over to my Darling Other Half:


A large Moleskine diary and a PoGo (to inspire my 365 project), a trip to Rome, a jingling charm bracelet, the Chanel Union Jack bag (only £925!), a traditional rose 1/4 sleeve tattoo, a pearl massage ring from Coco de Mer, Oui ring by Dior, fuschia Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, a Miu Miu bag, Tifany’s platinum & diamond bow necklace, ornate Miu Miu heels, an icecream cake, and cupcakes!

Not pictured: A daschund, a Nissan Figaro (!), a job at a magazine, MAC makeup, the ability to whistle, a trip to Paris, an heirloom diamond ring, a large fuschia coloured flower pin, gladiator sandals, blonde hair, two other tattoos, and the Oxford English Dictionary.

P.s. Last year I spent my birthday in Dublin. This year I was supposed to be in Italy. But plans change and I determined to make the most of a birthday where I am not in the continent of my dreams, and without most of my favourite people.

P.p.s. We do have plans to go to Italy. Perhaps next June or July? Craig and I are saving our pennies (eek. Cents.) and even if we don’t get our Tier 1 visas we are still grabbing back packs, sensible shoes (I have to buy sneakers. Ick.), and Eurail passes for a month long European jaunt.



  1. Kat · October 22, 2008

    I was looking at the oui ring for the longest time and was all “why the hell does she want a ring or bracelet that says ow?”Yes, I am a sleep-deprived retard.

  2. Sarah-Rose & Craig · October 22, 2008

    Hee! The angle does make it hard to see the dot of the i.

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