Today …

9 months ago today I was starting work in London after our trip to San Francisco & was dying from jetlag.

8 months ago today Craig and I spent the day at the National Portrait Gallery and purchased my darling MacBook.

7 months ago today we went to an Irish Food Festival in Covent Garden and spent the afternoon in a pub. It was a Sunday after all.

6 months ago today we were lying low after our weeked in Paris.

5 months ago today I had the day from hell. It was a Tuesday after all.

4 months ago today it was my baby sister’s birthday and I overheard that my London replacement had been hired.

3 months ago today I was temping in New Zealand and accidentally colour coordinated with the girl I was sitting next to.

2 months ago today I watched Craig apply false eyelashes to 16 & 17 year old girls. My baby baby sister’s friends. It was their ball and he has eerily steady hands. I was also newly tattooed.

1 month ago today my darling Kat arrived in London. We took her to our favourite neighbourhood restaurant and I witnessed my second crime in London (teenage boys stealing bicycles).

Today? I removed pages from one file, wrote down the name of the pages, and put them into a different file. I also organised glasses of water & cups of tea. In between that excitement I wrote this, and, while listening to my book-on-iPhone, wrote down the first twenty words read that started with s:

starting, standard, school, showing, seen, suspect, streams,states, sudden, scholarly, sun, still, surgeons, spaces, science,starting, stirred, sun, slump, strangely



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