Oh, New Zealand. If the USA can become more liberal, why must we become more conservative?

Poor deluded New Zealand. We seem to have fallen for John Key’s little trick. We may have needed “a change*” as he told us, but we needed a Barack Obama not our version of John McCain.

If America AND AUSTRALIA can move to the left, why oh why oh why must we buck the trend and take a great leap back to the right.

John Howard, John McCain, John Key, John F Kennedy … Okay. That last one doesn’t really work.

*and! Voting simply because we need a change and not focussing on policies? The worst kind of ignorant voting.

Oh forgive me, I’m just upset.


One comment

  1. Rajeev · November 10, 2008

    It’s alright. It’s NZ, not south America, Africa, Europe or the US. It’s all centrist (I hope and pray), at least for the first year or so. Give it a good six months before the right wing agendas start creeping in.

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