Sun is out, sky is blue, and all I do is think of you …

On the right hand side of this Darling little site is a little section where I list some of my fav-fav-favourite sites by people-other-than-myself. People I find inspiring or who make my day a little brighter by being brilliant and amusing.
Some of them I even know! Some I am related to.

My newest addition is little miss Jo, my fairy-glasses-mother, of Eye ♥ Glasses (dot com) who ferrets through the internet and finds beautiful, interesting, inspiring eye jewellery for those of us who are blessed to have an actual need to wear glasses. Like me!!

In her very very very first ever post she linked to these glasses and I (like Jo) fell hard for their perfect cotton candy pepto-bismol pink colour.
The oh-so-darling retro style was a little too too outré for my style but whilst doing my own ferreting came upon a pair that were not quite as … but still a sartorial risk for little old monochromatic (plus fuchsia!) me. I hated their name (Coco Loco. What the?) but oh, the pink! the pink!

I sent a pleading email to my Darling London based sœur and she agreed to post them on to me upon their arrival at her doorstep (glasses direct are only direct to the United Kingdom. Sob.) and just the other day they arrived on my doorstep (along with yet another creepy eye ball sweet) and today was the perfect relaxed and super sunny day to break them out in public for the first time.


One comment

  1. Charlotte · November 17, 2008

    I love that you are at Epuni station in this photo. And that you are wearing candypink glasses. At Epuni station

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