An Ending

Today is the 30th of November.
It is the end of NaBloPoMo and the end of Mo-Vember.


Unlike Craig’s moustache, I am going away. Not for long, I don’t think. And not for any particular reason apart from lack of inspiration. I am tired. I feel existentially wrung out.


Basically? Until I feel a bit more fucking cheerful, you can just look at some photos I took of roses in my mother’s garden.


Don’t fret. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that the words constantly swirling around in my head are NOT going to go ANYWHERE until I arrange them all nice and neat on the internet. Or paper. But more likely, the internet.
And I need SOMEWHERE other than Flickr to display my photos. I haven’t even shown you the ones I took while in London for August! Including the ones where we look like angels. Seriously.


Actually, maybe I’m not going anywhere either. Hmm.


This one is my favourite. Apparently it’s called Gauguin. It’s fuchsia but not too fuchsia. And it reminds me of peonies. I’m pretty much obsessed with peonies at the moment.

Maybe I should get a Peony tattoo … or a Gauguin rose tattoo …



  1. Leah Mac · December 3, 2008

    Sarah! Where are you going? Keep updating your website I want to see more photos. Have you got more underwater photos?

  2. Sarah-Rose & Craig · December 3, 2008

    Don’t worry your cute little head Leah Mac. I’m not going anywhere.Just need a week or two to think of things to write about!!Also, no more underwater photos because I haven’t been underwater since Hawaii.And you’re one to talk! on this American Adventure and not posting to yourrrrr site.

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