Twenty Five Things

1. I have an irrational fear of moths. Still. And the fear is proportional with the size of the moth. I go very still and quiet until they go away.

2. I am very very pale. Like nearing blue pale. I used to hate this for years and now I love it. My arms are a pale walnut colour at the moment and I find it disgusting.

3. When I was 12 we did a project at school where we had to measure our heights. I came out with 5’3” and believed I was that height until I went to a new doctor when I was about 16? And she was 5’3” and didn’t believe me when I told her my height. Turns out? 5’1.25”

4. My least favourite sentence? “How do you know that?” drives me crazy. Welcome to my wonderful world of knowing things. Reading books. Remembering stuff. ARGH.

5. I have a great ear for languages. At high school I regularly got 100% in my French oral examinations (Craig! Don’t even GO there) and at the extra-curricular Italian classes the teacher praised my accent.

6. From the ages of 12 to 24 my hair was never shorter than my shoulder blades and never longer than my waist.

7. I have an annoyingly high tolerance for caffeine. The last time caffeine kept me awake was when I drank 6 red bulls in one post-meridian timeframe.

8. I have always been very good at spelling. I didn’t even hesitate about the correct spelling of caffeine up there. But of course there are some words which trip me up. Ironically, misspell is one of them.

9. I love language. Words are beautiful and among my favourite things. Vespertine is my all time favourite. It means “of the evening” (not Album-by-Bjork) and I even have it engraved on a bracelet.


10. I am not scared of language. Cunt.

11. I didn’t believe a person could be in love with a city until I moved to London.

12. I am not child friendly. Craig is a child whisperer. This is a good thing because while I may not fawn over children, I do want my own.

13. I have become allergic to cats. A year in London with no contact with cats for a year? Now they make my eyes itch.

14. I can bend my pinkies in half while keeping my ring fingers straight. if using my hands to create the number 4, I utilise this trick and keep my thumbs free. This is also how we discovered that my pinkie fingers are odd.

Pinkie folded in half

Least impressive finger thing ever.


15. I don’t often swear. I do say damn and blast and shoot and bother. They are just much more fun to say! But if I do want to swear, then I can swear like a motherfucker.

16. My second least favourite sentence? “Where are you from originally?” this only annoys me in New Zealand because I was born and raised right here. I started paying attention to being asked this when I was 13 and it happens quite regularly when I meet someone. I have a slight British lilt to my voice. I can hear it myself. I swear, and friends & family can attest to this, it has been there since before I moved to London and it is how I speak naturally. It is not something I put on for a lark. And it’s just a lilt, a way of pronouncing things which sounds a bit proper. In Britain they ask me where I’m from but that’s understandable because I sound like a fucking New Zealander.

17. I have issues with dairy. I’m not allergic but I just really really dislike the sensation it leaves in my mouth/throat. Yick. Despite this, my favourite flavour is mint-chocolate.

18. I prefer my bathroom products to be transparent. See-through soap, shampoo, toothpaste. I’m not too bothered about conditioner but that’s probably because I haven’t found one that is a) transparent and b) does the job.

19. My favourite seasons are Autumn, Winter, Spring. Summer for a vacation. I love wearing tights and dresses, coats, hats, scarves, gloves. I am a cold-weather girl.

20. After living in London I became unused to wearing jeans. If I did it was skinny jeans tucked into boots.

21. I am distinctly a-religious (wait, that’s a lie. I simply have a more syncretic set of beliefs, karma is big with me, as is the hindu idea of there being many gods but one god. I don’t personally believe in the judeo-christian mythos) and yet my two closest girl friends are quite religious. One Christian, One Jewish. I love them and I like that about them.

22. I love to travel. You might know this about me. BUT! I also like the act of travelling, packing the perfect inflight bag, perfecting the art of packing carry-on-only bags, getting to the airport with time to spare, browsing duty free, the flight, the airplane food (not for taste reasons of course) and wine, collecting baggage. And road trips. In New Zealand I love making up a mix cd and driving for hours with Sir C, singing along, taking photos, watching the green and blue blur by.

23. I’ve always been morbid. Obsessed with murderers, death, decay, ghosts, possession, demons, witchcraft. I may not always look goth from the outside but chances are good my earrings are skulls and I’m reading a book about vampires (NOT Twilight though. I’m reading Let the Right One In at the moment).

24. I like having bruises, I pierced my own belly button (it got infected & I had to take it out. SHOCK), tried to pierce my own nose, stretched one of my 3 ear piercings to 0g, and have 1 tattoo. But I’m a huge baby and I hate pain.

25 I work in the New Zealand Government. I won’t say where, for whom, or doing what, save that I’m not high up on the food chain at all, but I do get a swipe card. Because of this job, I have found that my favourite word to handwrite (cursive) is caucus.

p.s. Microsoft Word does not recognise Vespertine or Cunt. It does recognise motherfucker.


In which I am an Idiot

So. Two of the secret, just-for-me resolutions I made for 2009 were to:
1. Carry a much smaller bag
2. Carry my DSLR with my as much as possible.
Counter intuitive no? to carry a camera muchmuch larger than I was used to and a much smaller bag? Well, yes. It was impossible to do both and carry on as I was. The bag I was used to carrying every single day was ridiculously full and I had no room for my DSLR.
It forced me to scale back immensely. To streamline & re-evaluate my day-to-day needs.

Here is how it changed



purse + novel + magazine + A4 folder + pocket camera + perfume + 7 keys on 2 key rings (all connected together) + little MJ purse with loyalty cards + headphones + moleskine diary + moleskine notebook + pens + hand lotion + makeup case containing 2 foundations, blusher, extraneous brush, 3 lipsticks, 2 mascara, touche eclat, travel eyelash curler, mirror + gum
(not all pictured)

And then of course the receipts, wrappers, extraneous bits & pieces (bobby pins galore!) that cluttered the bottom of my bag.
Oh! and there was usually a travel sized hand lotion (fun fact! I abhor dry hands) hiding amongst the detritus.

Then, in a fit of I-don’t-know-what, I purchased a bag that I promptly decided I hated (I HATE when I do that) until of course, in early January, I realised that not only was it approximately 1/250th the size of my previous bag

Bag Comparison

(or maybe 1/3)

it would also carry my DSLR. It’s like a miniature Mary Poppins bag. Only much cuter, despite the socialite-esque brand (though Guess do design some less Paris Hilton esque bags as well. Like mine. ENOUGH JUSTIFYING. Good Lord).

So now? I carry …


DSLR + purse + headphones + moleskine diary & notebook + 1 lip balm + 1 lip stick + travel sized hand lotion + 2 keys on 1 ring (a mirror) + 1 pen + my work ID + gum
(not all pictured)
(obviously. The DSLR (which takes up 1/2 the bag) is taking the photo)

If I need to take my script or feel the need for a novel or magazine, I simply carry it. Not exactly rocket science but it took me years to work it out.

Not only can I now find things in my bag a lot easier (hence the travel lotion) but my shoulder no longer aches!

Week Four

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Two hours of rehearsal ...
Two hours at rehearsal and all I had was this one line.

Monday: Learning Lines
A public holiday (Wellington Anniversary) and I spent it learning lines (I do have more than just one) and painting my fingernails.
And eating a candy cane.

Tuesday: Over 90% off
On Tuesday I found a beautiful (NZ) designer top for slightly more than 90% off. Amazing.

Wednesday: History
I watched history happen.
I watched the inauguration from 5:30am. I ended up standing still for the whole 18 minutes of his speech. When I got to work the new American president was all over the newspapers.

Thursday: Moleskine Decoration
I decorated the spine of my moleskine diary with some of my favourite moo stickers.

Friday: Claws in the Mid-City
It was a horrible horrible day. The sky was grey and I was feeling grim about the mouth.

Saturday: SLAP
An all day rehearsal. In between my scenes I amused myself by taking photos. This was one of my favourites.


At Work

Taming of the Shrew

Taming of the Shrew

n a New Zealand first we are doing it with an all-female cast.

Where: Muritai School Yard, Eastbourne

(Outside but moves inside in poor weather)

When: 7.30 p.m. Tuesday 17 to Saturday 21 Feb

Tickets: $15, $12 (concession) & $10 (Fringe Addict/child)

Dymocks Bookseller, Lambton Quay

Rona Gallery, Eastbourne

Door sales from 7 pm

Booking line: 0832 77790

Petruchio & Katherina - Selected

Bianca & Lucentio - Selected

She’s got Marilyn Manson eyes …



Self Portrait with Curls

I think it could work … in the dream it looked really good!

This might become my new obsession-I-do-nothing-about.
(I used to obsess about shaving my head. Never did and now? I really don’t care)

The reality. Poor Tiffany.

Marilyn Manson eyes!

Jules made this for me.
It’s pretty much the most awesome thing ever.
And proves that yea, sometimes dreams should stay dreams. But! in the dream, I dressed it less death-eyes and more pale and romantic. So maybe the dream still lives …

Untamed Menagerie

Oh Darling Hearts

Untamed Menagerie

I knew it was too good to last. Two weeks where my hearts desire was something I already owned or something free.
This week it/they/ohhhh belong to Untamed Menagerie.

Acrylic necklaces are one of my favourite things, my Alex & Chloe necklaces bring me no end of joy, and while I don”t wear it often, my chandelier necklace is one of my prized posessions.
(admission: I started wearing acrylic necklaces because of my nickel allergy! will I mention this every second week? Perhaps!!)

If I was buying things (sigh) then I would have already purchased this darling rabbit ring, and silhouette image of the tarantula girl.

Untamed Menagerie - Etsy FindUntamed Menagerie - Etsy Find

In fact, and I think the biggest sigh of all, is that I would adopt and cherish any and all items currently being produced by Mesdames Untamed Menagerie.

Untamed Menagerie - Etsy FindUntamed Menagerie - Etsy Find

Untamed Menagerie - Etsy Find

Untamed Menagerie is a collection of the combined works of Penny and Nikki (mother and daughter). We are inspired by nature, vintage illustrations, and anatomy. We strive to create whimsical accessories that will bring a smile to your face.

Nikki is a pink-haired, chihuahua-loving, violinist. She is the crafter, photographer, and one woman customer service representative of Untamed Menagerie. If you receive a shipping notice, an answer to a custom inquiry, or an email with questions about your order– you’ve most likely been speaking with Nikki.

In sharp contrast to Nikki, Penny has simple (though eclectic) tastes. She loves floral silhouettes, french fabrics, and her Maltese, Precious. Penny is in charge of shipping your orders and ordering our supplies. She is constantly seeking out the best materials for Untamed Menagerie. She also helps Nikki with design concepts.

We are both addicted to coffee, cream cheese pastries, and quiet time.

So cute. I hate this. IT IS TORTURE.

OhDarling Hearts will be published on Thursdays from now on!

I uncovered 300 hidden photos in my flickr account.
Photos I set as private so they wouldn’t be seen until I had posted them here (avec explanation) on this oh darling website.
Photos I then apparently promptly forgot about!

They date back to October 2007 and are from London, San Francisco, New Zealand, Hawaii, London, and back to New Zealand.
SO! Another weekly event (aren’t you excited!?!) will be:

From the Archives

21st October 2007, London, England

Louise Bourgeois & St Pauls

Maman by Louise Bourgeois

Maman by Louise Bourgeois above & Shibboleth by Doris Salcedo below.

Shibboleth at the Tate Modern

This didn’t really help the pressure I feel right in the centre of my chest, just below my collarbone.
I burn, I pine, I perish. I’m feeling grim about the mouth and I need to visit the Tate Modern. I remember exactly the smell, the space in the Turbine Hall, the feeling of standing close to my favourite pieces, the Jackson Pollock and the Anish Kapoor.

But I push that feeling down and continue on. Carry on. Keep moving forward. Glancing backwards but not for too long.

Week Three

365 in 2009!

Last night ...
The morning after the night before. Stamp from the concert (Metronomy & The Teenagers) but the stamp had the date for the Auckland concert on it.

Monday Lunch in the Park
The sun was out, the wind was low, I sat and had lunch in a park.

Tuesday: Poor Tiffany
One of the cats has a terrible eye infection. She was taken to the vet and chose our bed for her drugged out sickbed.

Tulle Underskirt
It was our wedding anniversary and I wore a pretty dress to celebrate.

Thursday: Leaving Work
Leaving work. Another quiet week. Wearing a vintage bowtie as a bracelet. Carrying a bag that I bought in a moment of madness which now turns out to be a lifesaver because it fits my DSLR perfectly. No more carrying around the uuugly camera bag OR an oversized handbag.

Bunny on the Street
A bunny! on the street in Wellington.

Saturday: Celabratory Cupcake!!
Celebrating our wedding anniversary with Cupcakes in the park in which we had our wedding photos taken.


If I have to dress like a boy

If I have to dress like a boy for rehearsal (jeans, trainers, a shirt) then I’m going to accessorise with my pinkpink glasses & pinkpink ring.