The last night of any holiday …

I sent this twitter as I was closing down safari:

ohdarling: Going to head to bed and have myself a little pity party.
Ugh. The last night of a holiday is always pout-y.

When I had finally convinced it to close, I saw that this photo had become my desktop picture:

It’s set to change every 5 minutes.

Looking across to Sacré Couer
It’s better when it’s bigger*

And, I don’t know. But the clouds (they’re my favourite kind. Where you can see the different layers of atmosphere like we live in an actual bubble!) and the soft hues and and and the light on Sacré Couer? It made me feel very calm.
Bedfordshire will be a little less pouty tonight.

* That’s what she said! I’m SO SORRY. I HAD to do it. For Craig! I swear.


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