It’s Wednesday Already??

Oh Darling Hearts

Georgina Baker!

Business Card

(I know, I know, this was meant to be about finding things that OTHERS could buy but honestly? I completely forgot about this nouveau project until the following objet d’art et bijou (schoolgirl french for Piece of Art & Jewellery) was in my teeny little hand. Oops! Next week I promise!)

Georgina Baker (voted Best Kiwiana Jewellery by Metro Magazine in 2007) is an Auckland based Jeweller who is most famous for her quirky, mainly one-off, necklaces & brooches made out of souvenir teaspoons*!
I came across her work first in an article (not in Metro Magazine) about the new-wave of crafting in New Zealand, people like City Down (NZ Cupcake Queen!) and sites like Toggle (a New Zealand based site similar to Etsy).
I’ve checked back at her Toggle-icious wares from time to time, just to see what was kicking about. When I saw the necklace I ended up purchasing, I knew I had to buy it!

The Souvenir Teaspoon used? Is from my little, nowhere-ville, just-outside-the-capital hometowncity.

The Hutt

City of Lower Hutt NZ


I love it so much.

I do, perhaps, wish that I’d read the site a little better though.
The necklace is essentially nickel (electroplated nickel silver charms with nickel chain) and I HAVE A NICKEL ALLERGY (the most common metal allergy in the world). See also AM AN IDIOT. This means I’ll only be able to wear it for a couple of hours at a time. Or be a horrible, hateful, jewellery Doctor Frankenstein and replace the fat nickel chain with a silver one. And paint the skin-touching parts of the charms with clear nailpolish. I HATE when I am so monumentally stupid.

Anyway. I’m rambling. The necklace is clearly perfect, and those with regular-person skin should scurry on over to toggle (or one of her many Stockists) and see if your town is available!
Or, you know, one of her necklaces simply made from beautiful ornate cutlery (I’m coveting this too).

* I’ve always wanted to amass a small collection of souvenir teaspoons, from where-ever, depicting whatever, and mix them in with my regular teaspoons. This is when my dream house is an eclectic cottage of course.


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