Dear Skin, I hate you. XOXO Sarah-Rose

Itchy itchy itchy,


It took 12 hours but eventually I succumbed to my nickel allergy and took off my darling new Georgina Baker necklace.

Too macro & dark to tell

It’s hard to tell, but the space formerly occupied by the shield is all (well, a little) red and angry.
My allergy manifests in gradual itching which gets slightly worse with each subsequent wear of the item, like my skin is yelling DON’T WANT! UNCLEAN UNCLEAN at me. Stupid skin.

I’d already spent … some time this morning watching a show about Celebrity Near Death Experiences (seriously. It was on E!) and Dr-Frankenstein-ing the chain.

Macro Detail - Bubbles!
Bubbles! You can see them more clearly in the larger version, naturellement

And then this evening came PHASE TWO of saving my darling new necklace:

Clear nailpolish

Dear Skin,
I’m Kidding! I love you really. But please oh please quit being so damn high maintenance.
xoxo, Sarah-Rose


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