Week Two

365 in 2009!


Craig had a BBQ and I was distracted by the light and the fuchsia.

Geodetic Survey Mark

Geodetic Mark: Overlooking the curving, winding Rimutaka hill road.


The End: On the last day of vacation, I braved the Mall.

Lower Hutt Necklace

My first day blues were assuaged by my City of Lower Hutt necklace.

Throwing Muses

I like the contrasting pastels of the posters. Also, I caught the little girl on the right mid-jump!

I prefer Charming and Thorough to Anal and Creepy.

I prefer Charming and Thorough to Anal and Creepy. Also, it was a slow week.

Buying a Hula Hoop!

Buying a Hula Hoop! It is pink and junior sized and fluoro pink.


Self Portrait with Witchery Sunglasses



  1. Amber · January 12, 2009

    My hula hoop is fluro pink too! Funny how everyone is suddenly into it… I’ve been hooping since I was a baby raver, hehe.

  2. Sarah-Rose & Craig · January 12, 2009

    Hurrah for Fluoro Pink! And yes, I’m fully and admittedly jumping on the hooping bandwagon! in addition to the wii-fit hooping which really only works the legs/hips.Also, heee! at the baby-raver. That’s adorable.

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