Oh Darling Hearts

Camera Bag

While many in the … blog-o-sphere (eesh) are going (understandably) mad for Poladroid, I am not. It is admittedly a super cute and easy to use application (though it makes me very sad about the death of polaroid) but I heard about a similar application for my iPhone which meant I could use it whenever & wherever I liked!

Elephant statue from Bangkok. Fauxlaroid-ed.

Basically the photo-editing smarties took the faux-laroid idea and ran with it.


From 1960s to Helga to Lolo (I’m guessing they didn’t get copyright permission from Holga and Lomo!) to Cinema and plain old greyscale there are more options that one person needs.

Some Examples

Craig as a polaroidMagnolia Fauxlaroid

(One of the updates since I installed the programme gave the slight tint to the fauxlaroid frame. You can see above how it works much better on a white background now)

My Bug Eyed Glasses made FishEye

Fish Eye

Jayne being consumed by InfraRedCraig in Infrared


Me in the LoLo-LouvreHenry VIII's armour, Lolo-ed


Buddha from Kek Lok Si temple, Cinema-ised

Take Courage Cinema-ised


Sir C & Notre Dame, 1970s-ised


Wedding Helga


(not pictured: Mono & 1962)

I may have been a little obsessed and played with it every spare second I had for the first couple of days.

I like Camera Bag a lot.

It Is So Cute! And thankfully, the interface is very pared back and simple. Even the iPhone desktop icon doesn’t bug me!

Camera Bag icon

Yes. I do have both Shakespeare and Classic novels on my home screen.

Camera Bag screenshot

One of the great things is that you don’t have to just use the photos stored on your iPhone. The very first icon, the little camera, activates the iPhone camera within CameraBag so you can shoot and edit a photo within seconds. The middle icon is the little save to disk icon, and the one on the far right lets you select the photos you have synced to your phone (I have 1812 sync-ed) to edit, which is what I have been mainly doing.

Download it from your local itunes now*! and uhhh … sorry if you don’t have an iPhone.


* I downloaded it through the itunes application store on my darling little Dracula (iPhone) and it was free, I then went to find it on the regular old iTunes and found that it costs £1.79. Bizarre! So try from the iPhone first.


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