Untamed Menagerie

Oh Darling Hearts

Untamed Menagerie

I knew it was too good to last. Two weeks where my hearts desire was something I already owned or something free.
This week it/they/ohhhh belong to Untamed Menagerie.

Acrylic necklaces are one of my favourite things, my Alex & Chloe necklaces bring me no end of joy, and while I don”t wear it often, my chandelier necklace is one of my prized posessions.
(admission: I started wearing acrylic necklaces because of my nickel allergy! will I mention this every second week? Perhaps!!)

If I was buying things (sigh) then I would have already purchased this darling rabbit ring, and silhouette image of the tarantula girl.

Untamed Menagerie - Etsy FindUntamed Menagerie - Etsy Find

In fact, and I think the biggest sigh of all, is that I would adopt and cherish any and all items currently being produced by Mesdames Untamed Menagerie.

Untamed Menagerie - Etsy FindUntamed Menagerie - Etsy Find

Untamed Menagerie - Etsy Find

Untamed Menagerie is a collection of the combined works of Penny and Nikki (mother and daughter). We are inspired by nature, vintage illustrations, and anatomy. We strive to create whimsical accessories that will bring a smile to your face.

Nikki is a pink-haired, chihuahua-loving, violinist. She is the crafter, photographer, and one woman customer service representative of Untamed Menagerie. If you receive a shipping notice, an answer to a custom inquiry, or an email with questions about your order– you’ve most likely been speaking with Nikki.

In sharp contrast to Nikki, Penny has simple (though eclectic) tastes. She loves floral silhouettes, french fabrics, and her Maltese, Precious. Penny is in charge of shipping your orders and ordering our supplies. She is constantly seeking out the best materials for Untamed Menagerie. She also helps Nikki with design concepts.

We are both addicted to coffee, cream cheese pastries, and quiet time.

So cute. I hate this. IT IS TORTURE.

OhDarling Hearts will be published on Thursdays from now on!


One comment

  1. Amber · January 27, 2009

    I love the rabbit! I have a fondness for all things bunny.

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