In which I am an Idiot

So. Two of the secret, just-for-me resolutions I made for 2009 were to:
1. Carry a much smaller bag
2. Carry my DSLR with my as much as possible.
Counter intuitive no? to carry a camera muchmuch larger than I was used to and a much smaller bag? Well, yes. It was impossible to do both and carry on as I was. The bag I was used to carrying every single day was ridiculously full and I had no room for my DSLR.
It forced me to scale back immensely. To streamline & re-evaluate my day-to-day needs.

Here is how it changed



purse + novel + magazine + A4 folder + pocket camera + perfume + 7 keys on 2 key rings (all connected together) + little MJ purse with loyalty cards + headphones + moleskine diary + moleskine notebook + pens + hand lotion + makeup case containing 2 foundations, blusher, extraneous brush, 3 lipsticks, 2 mascara, touche eclat, travel eyelash curler, mirror + gum
(not all pictured)

And then of course the receipts, wrappers, extraneous bits & pieces (bobby pins galore!) that cluttered the bottom of my bag.
Oh! and there was usually a travel sized hand lotion (fun fact! I abhor dry hands) hiding amongst the detritus.

Then, in a fit of I-don’t-know-what, I purchased a bag that I promptly decided I hated (I HATE when I do that) until of course, in early January, I realised that not only was it approximately 1/250th the size of my previous bag

Bag Comparison

(or maybe 1/3)

it would also carry my DSLR. It’s like a miniature Mary Poppins bag. Only much cuter, despite the socialite-esque brand (though Guess do design some less Paris Hilton esque bags as well. Like mine. ENOUGH JUSTIFYING. Good Lord).

So now? I carry …


DSLR + purse + headphones + moleskine diary & notebook + 1 lip balm + 1 lip stick + travel sized hand lotion + 2 keys on 1 ring (a mirror) + 1 pen + my work ID + gum
(not all pictured)
(obviously. The DSLR (which takes up 1/2 the bag) is taking the photo)

If I need to take my script or feel the need for a novel or magazine, I simply carry it. Not exactly rocket science but it took me years to work it out.

Not only can I now find things in my bag a lot easier (hence the travel lotion) but my shoulder no longer aches!


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