Twenty Five Things

1. I have an irrational fear of moths. Still. And the fear is proportional with the size of the moth. I go very still and quiet until they go away.

2. I am very very pale. Like nearing blue pale. I used to hate this for years and now I love it. My arms are a pale walnut colour at the moment and I find it disgusting.

3. When I was 12 we did a project at school where we had to measure our heights. I came out with 5’3” and believed I was that height until I went to a new doctor when I was about 16? And she was 5’3” and didn’t believe me when I told her my height. Turns out? 5’1.25”

4. My least favourite sentence? “How do you know that?” drives me crazy. Welcome to my wonderful world of knowing things. Reading books. Remembering stuff. ARGH.

5. I have a great ear for languages. At high school I regularly got 100% in my French oral examinations (Craig! Don’t even GO there) and at the extra-curricular Italian classes the teacher praised my accent.

6. From the ages of 12 to 24 my hair was never shorter than my shoulder blades and never longer than my waist.

7. I have an annoyingly high tolerance for caffeine. The last time caffeine kept me awake was when I drank 6 red bulls in one post-meridian timeframe.

8. I have always been very good at spelling. I didn’t even hesitate about the correct spelling of caffeine up there. But of course there are some words which trip me up. Ironically, misspell is one of them.

9. I love language. Words are beautiful and among my favourite things. Vespertine is my all time favourite. It means “of the evening” (not Album-by-Bjork) and I even have it engraved on a bracelet.


10. I am not scared of language. Cunt.

11. I didn’t believe a person could be in love with a city until I moved to London.

12. I am not child friendly. Craig is a child whisperer. This is a good thing because while I may not fawn over children, I do want my own.

13. I have become allergic to cats. A year in London with no contact with cats for a year? Now they make my eyes itch.

14. I can bend my pinkies in half while keeping my ring fingers straight. if using my hands to create the number 4, I utilise this trick and keep my thumbs free. This is also how we discovered that my pinkie fingers are odd.

Pinkie folded in half

Least impressive finger thing ever.


15. I don’t often swear. I do say damn and blast and shoot and bother. They are just much more fun to say! But if I do want to swear, then I can swear like a motherfucker.

16. My second least favourite sentence? “Where are you from originally?” this only annoys me in New Zealand because I was born and raised right here. I started paying attention to being asked this when I was 13 and it happens quite regularly when I meet someone. I have a slight British lilt to my voice. I can hear it myself. I swear, and friends & family can attest to this, it has been there since before I moved to London and it is how I speak naturally. It is not something I put on for a lark. And it’s just a lilt, a way of pronouncing things which sounds a bit proper. In Britain they ask me where I’m from but that’s understandable because I sound like a fucking New Zealander.

17. I have issues with dairy. I’m not allergic but I just really really dislike the sensation it leaves in my mouth/throat. Yick. Despite this, my favourite flavour is mint-chocolate.

18. I prefer my bathroom products to be transparent. See-through soap, shampoo, toothpaste. I’m not too bothered about conditioner but that’s probably because I haven’t found one that is a) transparent and b) does the job.

19. My favourite seasons are Autumn, Winter, Spring. Summer for a vacation. I love wearing tights and dresses, coats, hats, scarves, gloves. I am a cold-weather girl.

20. After living in London I became unused to wearing jeans. If I did it was skinny jeans tucked into boots.

21. I am distinctly a-religious (wait, that’s a lie. I simply have a more syncretic set of beliefs, karma is big with me, as is the hindu idea of there being many gods but one god. I don’t personally believe in the judeo-christian mythos) and yet my two closest girl friends are quite religious. One Christian, One Jewish. I love them and I like that about them.

22. I love to travel. You might know this about me. BUT! I also like the act of travelling, packing the perfect inflight bag, perfecting the art of packing carry-on-only bags, getting to the airport with time to spare, browsing duty free, the flight, the airplane food (not for taste reasons of course) and wine, collecting baggage. And road trips. In New Zealand I love making up a mix cd and driving for hours with Sir C, singing along, taking photos, watching the green and blue blur by.

23. I’ve always been morbid. Obsessed with murderers, death, decay, ghosts, possession, demons, witchcraft. I may not always look goth from the outside but chances are good my earrings are skulls and I’m reading a book about vampires (NOT Twilight though. I’m reading Let the Right One In at the moment).

24. I like having bruises, I pierced my own belly button (it got infected & I had to take it out. SHOCK), tried to pierce my own nose, stretched one of my 3 ear piercings to 0g, and have 1 tattoo. But I’m a huge baby and I hate pain.

25 I work in the New Zealand Government. I won’t say where, for whom, or doing what, save that I’m not high up on the food chain at all, but I do get a swipe card. Because of this job, I have found that my favourite word to handwrite (cursive) is caucus.

p.s. Microsoft Word does not recognise Vespertine or Cunt. It does recognise motherfucker.



  1. Rayne Leafe · January 30, 2009

    try 9 red bulls in a few hours and no response…caffeine is my friend. london says ‘helloo! i miss you!’. xxx

  2. Sarah-Rose and Craig · January 30, 2009

    Did you ever know that you’re my hero?Hope you’re loving London!!

  3. WendyB · February 1, 2009

    I like you, you pale cunt!

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