Week Six

365 in 2009!

Sunday: a grey day in Eastbourne
A grey day in Eastbourne, on the way home after rehearsal.

Monday: 6am
6am. On the way to catch the train to work for a 7am breakfast meeting.

Tuesday: snow in London, hell in New Zealand
Heaviest snowfall in 18 years for London, Hades in Wellington.

Wednesday: Blueberries gave me no choice
I wasn’t going to buy blueberries but then, I’m very susceptible to suggestion.

Thursday: Nouveau Boots
I got dressed in the grey and dreary morning so wore my new winter-esque boots. I love them but they didn’t suit the afternoon sun.

Friday: bruise developing
The bruise from my fall at rehearsal on Tuesday had blossomed.

Saturday: Picnic in the Park
Desperate to get out of the house I went and read my magazine in the park. It’s not exactly Hyde Park, but I guess it’ll have to do.


Zombie Sarah

I’d fallen at rehearsal the night before, barely slept, ached all over, spent the morning at a seminar, and felt like death warmed up. The bags under my eyes were ridiculous and I couldn’t be bothered to look presentable.


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