From the Archives

January 2008

A puppy called Tess


I called her Bowie


Because her eyes are different colours


Can you tell?

Bowie? No. Tess.

She’s much bigger now.



  1. Serah · March 17, 2009

    o hello!I found you while i was googling myself oh my god.! 😛 haha wrong first impression!but you take really beaytifull pictures!My hobby is taking pictures too!But they aren’t as good as yours (yet)My name is sarah rose as well.. So i found it very interesting and funny we also like take pics!Greets Sarah Rose ^^

  2. Sarah-Rose and Craig · March 23, 2009

    Hey!! it’s always fun to see who else is out there with your name. I once had someone else find my site googling himself (his name wasn’t Sarah-Rose though!)I had a look at your flickr, the macro shots of your puppy are lovely!

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