Photos from the deep dark south: Part 1

Dunedin, March

St Clair?
St Clair? Perhaps.
I do not remember the name of this beach. Sigh.

Photographers & photographed
Family photographs, family photographers.
(one of them is! Brian Miller, he was off collecting his (amazing) camera)

Brighton Beach, New Zealand
My darling sister Charlotte was at Brighton around the same time.
And in an even weirder twist of fate? Craig and I were there in March as well, only last year.

Lone Surfer
best viewed large.

Brighton Beach

Craig Clambering into 2 photos

Brighton Beach

I clambered about in my vintage Italian leather boots.


Brighton Beach, strange weather
The light and clouds were bizarre and wonderful.

Teeny Shells

The Burkes

Thursday: Brighton Beach

A lesson in framing
Portrait of the Photographer as photography tutor.


Tomorrow? Photos of Larnach Castle!


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