Silver lining?

My darling sister is AT THIS MOMENT* somewhere between Hong Kong and Auckland.

She is coming home to attend our grandmother’s funeral (we pick her up tomorrow morning!**) and because she is an adorable little inconvenience Craig and I have had to relegate our luxurious dressing room slash upstairs lounge to her, I presume, bag full of dirty laundry (she has been gone for some months now) and sleepy little head.

As such I have had to remove all my day to day necessities from that room and place them strategically around the room Craig and I currently inhabit. (It is frankly distressing how much I consider to be “necessities”***). Oh, he will just lovelovelove it when I turn the light on at 5:30am to straighten my hair, he normally sleeps until after 6:20am. Silly man.

I am finding this to be an incredibly boring job. And! Noone else is home to notice just how ridiculously lazy I am being so, in the last hour alone I have:

1. Watched 3 makeup tutorials on youtube.
2. Synced my iPhone so I have new podcasts to listen to while I get on with cleaning (ha).
3. Iced my cupcake tattoo using a fuchsia sharpie.
4. Reshaped my eyebrows (hooray for makeup tutorials)
5. Spent too too long on Twitter.
6. Realised my list was much longer than 140 characters.
7. Decided to post on this darling website!
8. Written this extraordinarily pointless post.
9. Sigh. Decided to actually tidy the room.

* I’m guessing.
** New Zealand Winter Time starts tonight. We might show up an hour early or an hour late or just on time. Who can say?
*** Copper Boom!


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