Week Fourteen (almost forgot!)

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Gingerbread-Turtles!
It took me most of the day but I made gingerbread turtles for Craig.

Monday: Surprised by a Bee
A particularly uneventful day. Despairing of my lack of photos I was taking a picture of my shoe when I was surprised by this very placid bumblebee in my room. I took many many macro shots then set him free. He must earn his freedom.

Tuesday: Strange Grafitti

Wednesday: Bucket of Feijoas
A palegreen bucket filled near to the brim with greengreen Feijoas. The bucket reaches almost to my knee.
Our feijoa tree is very fruitful.

Thursday: Distracted
Distracted at my old Intermediate School during Magic Hour.
Was not in a photography kind of mood, but thankfully the light was beautiful.

Friday: Choir in the Railway Station!
A choir performs in Wellington Train Station.

Saturday: Almost forgot! Tiki. Macro.
A day of almost complete procrastination and yet I forgot to take a photo until 10pm and even then it’s only of this strange little Hawaiian tiki statue.
I really should write about my tiny souvenir collection.
That is to say, a collection of souvenirs that are tiny, not that I just have a tiny collection. GAH.


Self-Portrait with Gingerbread Turtle

The gingerbread turtles were delicious.


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